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  • Product name:D602 pin lock

    Product description

    D602 Pin Cam Locks:
    Locking surface diameter: 22.5mm
    2. Lock body length: 20mm.
    3. Rotation angle: Rotate 90 degrees clockwise. Only remove the key when it is closed.
    4. 5. Lock body material: zinc alloy.
    5. Key Material: HPb59-1 brass. (K2B, K3 folding, etc.) can also be made on request.
    6. Surface treatment: chrome plating (according to the requirements of the production: nickel, titanium, etc.).
    7. Use function: The conventional production of 200 groups of cycles, in order to reduce the mutual opening rate, the current production is positive and negative slots.
    8. According to customer requirements can be made mutual unlocking, tail locking can be customized according to customer requirements.
    9. Scope of application: More wardrobes, filing cabinets, storage cabinets, letter boxes, steel furniture, etc.
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